How to make a deposit?

Check out this simple step-by-step guide to make your deposit.

Step 1: Log in to your BJ88’s account, select ‘Deposit’.

Step 2: If you like to participate in an offer, you may select one of the offers, otherwise our setting will set ‘Normal’ as default. Once you’re done selecting the offers, our screen will display the available deposit channels for the offer. 

Step 3: Choose ‘Virtual Account’ as your payment method.

Step 4: Click ‘Contact CS’ to register your Virtual Account.

Step 5: CS live chat will prompt out, insert your username to continue.

Step 6: Click ‘Virtual Account’.

Step 7: Click the link, direct you to GoogleForm to fill in all your details. (Make sure it’s all your real details otherwise Virtual Account cannot be created.) Then, simply click ‘Submit’.

Step 8: ₩1 with MOD 4 digits will sent by Virtual Account in your registered bank account, send 4 digits to CS team to complete VA registration.

Step 9: After completion of registration of Virtual Account, 3 (THREE) details of VA will be provided by the CS team, login to your online banking account to complete the deposit transaction.

  • VA Name
  • VA Bank name
  • VA Bank number

Step 10: Go back to the deposit page, click ‘Virtual Account’ and enter your desired deposit amount by clicking on the speed deposit button.

Speed deposit button allows you to quickly select the deposit amount, you can also click on the same button to add up to your desired amount. Your total deposit amount will be displayed beneath.

For Example: Clicking on KRW10,000 twice would be KRW20,000 in total.

Step 11: Fill in the last 4 digits of your virtual account, simply click “Submit” to confirm your transaction. 

(The VA last 4 digit, is the VA account number provided by the Virtual Account)

Step 12: You will receive a notification that your deposit has been received and is being processed. Your balance will be updated upon successful deposit. 

You can track your deposit transaction progress by clicking on the ‘Transaction Records’. Please wait approximately 5-30 minutes for the system to process your transaction. 


1. Different deposit channels will have different minimum and maximum deposit amounts.

2. Please ensure the transferred amount is the same as your deposit request amount. BJ88 will not be liable for any missing funds due to incorrect information.

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