How to use USDT deposit by BTSE?

Check out this simple step-by-step guide to make your deposit via Tether (USDT) cryptocurrency by using BTSE.

Step 1: Login to your BJ88’s account, select “Deposit”.

Step 2: If you like to participate in an offer, you may select one of the offers, otherwise our setting will set ‘Normal’ as default. Once you’re done selecting the offers, our screen will display the available deposit channels for the offer. 

Step 3: Click on USDT and select your preferred payment type (TRC-20 token / ERC-20 token). 

Step 4: Enter your desired deposit amount. It will automatically convert to KRW after you enter the amount on USDT. Simply click “Submit” to confirm your deposit amount. (Note: Please make sure your amount has reached the minimum deposit limit.) 

Step 5: Complete the transaction to the payment address shown on the screen within the given time. Click ‘Copy Address’. 

Step 6: Login to your BTSE account. Click on the three-dots icon at the top right corner.

Step 7: Select “My Wallet” from the ‘Wallets’ menu. 

Step 8: Click ‘Withdraw’ from your USDT wallet. 

Step 9: Select your withdrawal network and paste the payment address. (Note: Please ensure that the network and payment address are accurate, BJ88 will not be liable for any missing funds due to incorrect information.)

Step 10: Enter your deposit amount. Please note that a network fee of 1 USDT will be charged on your payment. 

Step 11: Lastly, enter your google authenticator code and click “Confirm“, and your withdrawal submission is now completed! 

Step 12: Please confirm the transaction via the confirmation email sent to your email within 1 hour. Click ‘Confirm Withdrawal Request’ and you will then receive a notification that your withdrawal request has been confirmed and is being processed.

You can track your deposit transaction progress by clicking on the ‘Transaction Records’. Please wait approximately 5-30 minutes for the system to process your transaction. 


1. Please check our current payee address before making each deposit as the payee information might change from time to time.

2. Do not save and reuse as the payment address is for one-time use only.

3. Please ensure the transferred amount is the same as your deposit request amount. BJ88 will not be liable for any missing funds due to incorrect information.

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