What is Dragon Tiger?

Two hands are dealt in a game of Dragon & Tiger – The Dragon’s hand and the Tiger’s hand. There are three possible outcomes: “Dragon”, “Tiger”, and “Tie”. The winning hand will be the hand with the highest ranking card. K is the maximum, while Ace is the minimum. There is no ranking of suits in the game of Dragon Tiger. 

If the round of play is a “Tie”, all “Dragon” and “Tiger” wagers shall lose half of the wagered amount while all “Tie” wagers win with the payout 8 to 1. 

Standard bet type and payout:

Dragon’s Hand wins, 1:1 payout (50% commission charge when Tie)

Tiger’s Hand win, 1:1 payout (50% commission charge when Tie)

Tie wins, 1:8 payout

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